Workshop in DEMMIN, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

17. August - 4. September 2016

with Acting an Scenography stundents from the Norwegian Theatre Academy

in collaboration with Hans-Jürgen Syberberg

You can follow the DIARY from 19. August 2016 till today 

Martina Geßner, Ragnhild Følling Volden, Karoline Clasen Holland, Maria M Schwaegermann, Durga Bishwokarma, Armin Hokmi Kiasaraei, Felipe Osorio

Draft for a new figuartion of the market place in Demmin, by Fellipe Osorio and Karoline Clasen Holland

6 international studenty from the Norwegian Theatre Academy/ Østfold University College worked for 17 days in Demmin.

Sketches for various urban interventions have been publicly presented.

The Workshop has been accompanied and documented in the local newspaper Nordkurier.

Successful workshop - trees planted.

A student proposal has been partly realized - trees are growing.

You can follow the diary till today.

Photo: HJSyberberg - Marktplatz Demmin 30.9.2016

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